Please note – the club name has now changed to Marston Green Model Flying Club. There is a new draft constitution in progress, most of which differs from below to reflect both the club name change and a more modern outlook. This will be published here, but only after approval at the clubs AGM.

1.  NAME –  The club shall be called the MARSTON GREEN MODEL ENGINEERING CLUB.

2.  OBJECT –  To promote and encourage any art, craft or hobby that is easily transportable, e.g. Aero modelling, model engineering, model boat building, woodwork, photography etc. and to arrange lectures, discussions and competitions.

3.  MEMBERSHIP –  The number of members shall not exceed one hundred (100) at any one time, of whom no more than eighty (80) shall bemembers of the flying section.

4.  APPLICATION –  All prospective members are to complete an application form for submission to the Committee who will make a decision as to acceptance or not.

5.  JOINING FEE –  A joining fee of £10 will be charged to all members and lapsed members above 16 years of age.

6.  SUBSCRIPTION –  The minimum subscription (Which is due at the A.G.M. in October) will be set at that meeting.

7.  FLYING FEES –  An additional charge for the use of the flying field will be set at that meeting.

8. NEW MEMBERS –  A scale of charges, for subs and flying fees for those joining at various times throughout the year will be as follows;

(a) – AGM to April 30th – 100%

(b) – May 1st to July 31st – 50%

(c) – August 1st to AGM – 25%

9.  JUNIOR’S –  Any junior (i.e. under the age of 16), bought to the flying field or clubhouse by an adult, In order to comply with the Child Protection Act, must be under the control of that adult at all times and must leave with that adult . Unaccompanied Juniors will not be allowed on the flying field or at the clubhouse.

10.  ARREARS –  Any member who is one month or more in arrears shall be held to have resigned unless the Secretary or Treasurer is notified of any extenuating circumstances.

11.  MEETINGS –  The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of October, at which the Chairman’s report, Secretary’s report, and balance sheet shall be submitted. A Special General Meeting shall be held wheever the Comittee think it expedient, or when the secretary is requested in writing by eight (8) members. Club night meetings shall be arranged by the committee.

12.  OFFICERS – The club shall have the following Officers:-

Hon. Chairman

Hon. Vice Chairman

Hon Seretary

Hon. Treasurer

These Officers shall be ex-officio members of the Committee and will be elected annually at the A.G.M. when only attending members votes wil be counted. No proxy votes will be accepted under any circumstances at any meeting.

13.  COMMITTEE – The affairs of the club shall be conducted by a committee of six (6) in addition to the ex-officio officers.Two members of the committee shall retire annually in rotation, but will be eligible for re-election.The committee shall have the power to appoint a sub-committee(s) at its discretion.

14.  QUORUM – A Quorum shall consist of no less than 4 committee members and one officer of the club.

15.  AFFILIATION – The committee shall authorize the payment of fees to clubs or societies which they deem necessary, in the interests of Marston Green Model Engineering Club.

16.  AMENDMENT OF CONSTITUTION & RULES – No new rules shall be made or existing rules rescinded or amended unless with the consent of the majority of the members present at the AGM or EGM, with the exception of the Aero Modellers Rules which may be amended from time to time by the committee as deemed necessary.

17.   BREACH OF CLUB RULES – Any person found to be acting in a manner deemed by the committee as detrimental to the club shall be liable to have their membership withdrawn and any remaining subscription returned. In addition they shall not be able to re-apply for membership for one (1) year from the date of such decision. A copy of the disciplinary & grievance procedure is available from the Hon. Secretary.

18.  DISSOLUTION OF THE CLUB – The club may at any time be dissolved by a resolution and vote, passed by a majority of votes cast at such meeting. At such time all club assets shall be realized and passed onto local charities, details of which shall be decided at such a meeting.



1 – Members will at all times follow the contents of the BMFA Handbook, current edition, and have read the following sections:-

The BMFA Guide to the safe operation of model aircraft

The BMFA Guidelines and safety codes for model flying

The permissible engine/propeller noise limits will be set by the committee as necessary; currently 80dba at 7m, when tested in accordance with the guidelines from the BMFA. Models failing this energy level will not be allowed to fly.

2 – Members will at all times follow the guidelines laid down by the flying site safety marshal and the BMFA safety codes, and will also comply with the terms of the planning permission granted  by the North Warwickshire Borough Council, & MGMEC club rules.After flying ALL members must register their flights by phone or email to the contact number/email advised on their membership card.

3 – When arriving at the flying site, members MUST report to the safety marshal BEFORE assembling aircraft or switching on transmitters, and must provide their own peg which clearly states their name & frequency for each frequency they will fly on.

4 – Members must hold a valid Certificate of 3rd Party Insurance through the BMFA of up to £5 million & be able to produce proof of this.

5 – Members must be aware that safety of persons and property is paramount and at no time must the consciously jeopardise such.

6 – All aircraft WILL be restrained by a suitable device on initial start up and tuning procedure.

7 – The club flying site WILL be flown in a safe manner and within the boundaries specified on the flying site plan.

8 – No more than FOUR models, irrespective of how powered, are allowed in the air at any one time.

9 – Only members who have received adequate training will be allowed to use mechanical equipment on the flying field.