Following the fantastic gift of a beautiful silver cup to the club from David Wright, we will be holding an annual competition. Rules are posted below.



1. All flights to be fixed wing. (No helicopters/quads)

2. Competitor to perform a 5 min flight max to encompass 4 basic moves, i.e. take off/hand launch, figure of eight level, box circuit level, & simulated dead stick landing.

3. 2 judges spaced around the field will award points (no conferring) and record on the form the competitors name, date and points awarded.10 points max for each of the 4 basic moves. Each form to be placed in a separate envelope and sealed, the competitors name written on the front of the envelope.

4. Judges can be anyone who understands the 4 basic moves, & picked at random by the committee or members, but not by the competitor.
Judges can judge any number of competitors.

5. 3 main competition days, or each contestant to have 3 different attempts, but not all on the same day.

6. All flights to take place between Jan 1st and Oct 1st.

7. 2 committee members plus one other, (committee member or not) to collate points and hold in secret for announcement at the A.G.M. where the cup will be awarded to the competitor with the most points.

8. The winner will keep the cup from the A.G.M. to 2 weeks before the next A.G.M.

9. In the event of a tie, the winner will hold the cup for an equal amount of months each.

10. The cup remains the property of the M.G.M.F.C.


Good luck everybody!

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