Hello all.

  A message regarding our club’s anniversary celebration. We’ve decided to have a ‘celebration day’ for the club. This will be at the flying field, on Monday, 4th June (Bank holiday Monday)

   There will be BBQ’s, gazebo’s/marquee on site, as well as toilet facilities. Also we’re having a raffle for a complete new Arising Star plane, with all servo’s & a JEN47 engine, just add your receiver & fly! Tickets are just £1, available from Stuart in advance or on the day.

  As the club was first formed in 1945, maybe it would be nice to see some aircraft from that era. I’m sure lots if not all of you have a warbird somewhere! Even if you don’t want to fly, you’re welcome to bring your models, whether complete or not, for display to everyone. This is going to be a fantastic day for all members, families and friends, so please spread the word, and invite as many people as you like!

 Having checked the all important weather, MET office say that the beginning of the month may see the hottest temperatures of the year so far, and whilst it’s not a given, it certainly looks promising.

 Bear in mind anyone flying on the day must hold valid BMFA insurance and the models must be noise tested by MGMEC to 80db or below. Site will be open at 9am, Flying will commence from 10am till 6pm for i.c models, 10am till dusk for electric models. Obviously, there will be no admission charges, & any dogs must be kept on a lead at all times within the boundaries of the field. Bring your own BBQ food, we’ll supply the rest. Come on down, let’s make this a Diamond Jubilee to remember!

 Happy Landings



Congratulations to Bob Cotsford for getting not only a picture of himself but two of his models in the June issue of RCM&E magazine! Bobs models are featured in an article about the recent Sleap retro fly in. The models mentioned are a ‘King Altair’ & a Maribu. The ‘King Altair’, is described by Alex Whittaker as ‘One of the most elegant retro aerobatic models I’ve ever seen’. There is a picture of this model on the members model page of the site. well done Bob, your models are a credit to you!

Added a few more photo’s to the members models section. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

In response to inquiries from members, I’ve added a new section in the MGMEC forum, ‘For sale, Wanted, & Swap’ Anything that you want to sell, buy or exchange can be listed in here, but remember to keep it relevant to the hobby. Also, please, if you do advertise something, after it’s gone, drop a post in to say so. This way future visitors will know not to be contacting you. Cheers! Gaz

Well, the first day of the MGMEC site going live has gone very well, lots of positive comments. If you’re a new visitor, please register on the forums, you may find them invaluble for information and help as time goes on. Also, you can post your own photo’s and video in here for us all to see!

Also, Tuesday nights are our regular meeting night at our clubhouse. Come on down , drink tea/coffee, use the flight sim on the computer, or even watch a DVD if you’re inclined! Great place to meet other members and chew the fat, so to speak. If you’ve never been to the clubhouse, then contact us from the above menu, and we will point you in the right direction!

Added several new links to the links section of MGMEC.NET. Hopefully, everyone will find these useful. Feel free to contact us if you can think of any other useful ones, but remember, keep them suitable for our members.

Latest News –

We now have permission from the editor of RCM&E to reproduce a couple of articles written by David Haye, both are an introduction to electric flight. Great stuff, well written, and it simplifies a lot of the power/motor questions. Please take time to read them if you have anything to to with RC electric flying. Even though you think you know enough, you may learn something!